A Partnership Delivering Education Value

Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited (Paria) and Pennacool.com Caribbean Limited (Pennacool.com) continued their joint efforts to support education in Trinidad and Tobago by donating Three Hundred (300) 2024 S.E.A. Practice tests to Standard 5 pupils and teachers who are preparing for the 2024 S.E.A exam.

Three of the selected schools visited on Wednesday 29th November 2023 were

  • San Fernando Boys Government Primary School
  • San Fernando Girls Government Primary School
  • Cocoyea Government Primary School

Paria believes this is a critical tool that can facilitate the success of primary school students as the pennacool.com Practice Tests offers both online and offline practice and revision papers. The booklets were prepared with an understanding of core teaching techniques used by teachers and followed a similar structure to the S.E.A. exam.

Paria and Pennacool.com believe that education is a fundamental right and that all students should have equal opportunities. By partnering, we aim to bridge the education gap and empower students in our fenceline communities with the tools they need to succeed academically.