(2nd from right) MP Pointe-a-Pierre Mr. David Lee with Councillors, Mrs. Nadia Khan  Mohammed (far right) and Mr. Kern Ramdin (far left) and Councillor for Cocoyea/Tabaquite Ms. Teresa Lynch (center) receives hampers from General Manager, Terminal and Trading Mr. Mushtaq Mohammed
Councillors for San Fernando, Mr. Nigel Couttier and Mr. Ryaad Hosein organize hampers inside the office

On Saturday, May 02 2020, Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited (Paria) distributed 300 hampers which contained food items and cleaning essentials to Members of Parliament (MP) and Councillors for the San Fernando West and Pointe-a-Pierre constituencies to assist the less fortunate during Covid-19.

Paria’s General Manager, Terminal and Trading Mr. Mushtaq Mohammed stated Paria is humbled to be able to provide these hampers to the much needed during this time. It is a challenging time for all but more so for some, therefore, all of us, no matter how small can contribute to those in need. This period calls on all of us to be kind to each other.”

On hand to receive the hampers for the respective fence-line communities were Councillors Mr. Nigel Couttier, Mr. Ryaad Hosein, Mr. Micheal Johnson and Mr. Naigum Joseph for San Fernando West; Member of Parliament, Mr. David Lee for Pointe-a-Pierre and two councillors, and Councillor Teresa Lynch for Cocoyea/Tarouba.

Member of Parliament, San Fernando West Mr. Faris Al-Rawi stated “On behalf of the San Fernando West Constituency, we acknowledge and appreciate the donated hampers by Paria Fuel Trading as this assists us with continuing to provide support to those in need. During this pandemic period, we need everyone on board especially the corporate sector to provide assistance to the less fortunate.”

Member of Parliament, Pointe-a-Pierre Mr. David Lee stated “Given the crisis so many in our constituency are facing, I am grateful for the hampers received this morning. Together with my two councillors, Nadia Khan Mohammed & Kern Ramdin, we would continue the efforts we began weeks ago to bring relief by distributing to those in need throughout Pointe a Pierre .”

Paria is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, to continue to serve our customers, and to take meaningful action to help communities in need and those on the frontlines. We continue to uphold our values and to improve the lives of our employees, suppliers, customers and communities.

General Manger, Terminal and Trading Mr. Mushtaq Mohammed (on far right) delivers hampers to the Councillors of San Fernando. Present for distribution (from left) – Councillors Mr. Nigel Couttier, Mr. Micheal Johnson, Mr. Naigum Joseph, and Mr. Ryaad Hosein