WizdomCRM Caribbean Limited (Wizdom CRM) is at the forefront of redefining education in the Caribbean, deeply committed to cultivating 21st-century skillsets that prepare students for a globally competitive landscape. For this reason, Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited (Paria) has partnered with WizdomCRM on another revolutionary initiative to improve the academic performance of students at Marabella South Secondary School. By employing innovative strategies such as digital financial literacy using Artificial Intelligence, fostering critical thinking, and instilling Environmental Social Governance (ESG) principles among students, WizdomCRM resonates with Paria’s dedication to social impact and education.

“Paria is driving positive social change in schools by investing in the future of our fence-line community,” said General Manager, Mushtaq Mohammed “This partnership with WizdomCRM and the Ministry of Education underscores our community development goals, enabling us to make a tangible difference in schools within our fence-line community. The transformative impact of this program on one hundred and sixty-three deserving students and teachers at Marabella South Secondary School is laying the foundation for the human capital development of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Through a five-week program, over one hundred students will gain access to WizdomCRM’s innovative AI-driven learning platforms, The Sustainable Stock Market Game and WizdomCRM’s AI Tutor, which feature animated AI tutors named Maven and Ellie.

The WizdomCRM AI Tutor platform features eight meticulously trained AI characters who provide goal-based supervised learning in a wide range of subjects – from English and mathematics to personal finance, arts, and law. AI Tutor Maven provides goal-based learning in personal finance, entrepreneurship and mathematics, ensuring students receive comprehensive support in the classroom and at home. AI Tutor Ellie focuses on the psycho-social aspects of student development, offering personalized career guidance and emotional intelligence support to students with 24/7 access.

Students will learn how to research and analyze companies aligned with their career aspirations on the Caribbean’s Pioneering Sustainable Stock Market Game (SSMG). This interactive platform is designed to teach students budgeting, saving and investing in stocks aligned with their career goals. Each student receives US$25,000.00 virtual money to build and manage diversified stock portfolios using asset allocation strategies. By simulating real-world market conditions, the SSMG fosters a deep understanding of CARICOM and international capital markets and financial decision-making.

“We are proud to collaborate with our long-standing partners, Paria Fuel Trading Company, and the Ministry of Education, to bring innovative AI educational tools to Marabella South Secondary School. Our AI tutors, trained with the CSEC and CAPE syllabi and equipped with advanced neural responses, empower students with goal-based learning, fostering essential critical thinking skills both in the classroom and at home. This initiative helps students map their career paths by investing in listed companies in their respective sectors, contributing to youth economic participation in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Charielle Plowden, Country Manager, WizdomCRM Caribbean Limited.

This initiative perfectly aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) – Quality Education for All. With this program’s success, the intention is to expand this transformative initiative to ten schools throughout the Victoria District. By exposing students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies harnessing natural language processing (NLP), Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited, WizdomCRM Caribbean Limited, and the Ministry of Education are preparing students to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world.