In accordance with the Shipping (Ship and Port Facility) Security Regulations 2004, the Port of Pointe-à-Pierre has been declared a restricted zone.

Port Facility Physical Characteristics:

Port Limits
The port is defined and extends to “such part of the Gulf of Paria bounded by an imaginary line as
follows: To the south of latitude 10° 18.5’ North from the mainland due West to longitude 61° 35.2’ West
thence North to latitude 10° 21.5’ North thence East to longitude 61° 30.7’ West thence South to latitude
10° 20.5’ North thence due East to the mainland.”

Anchorage information
The Pointe-à-Pierre general anchorage area is West of the pipeline jetties. It oers safe anchorage and
good holding in the roadstead. On the account of Pierre Shoal, a 21’ patch about 1.75 cables SW of the
head of the Main Viaduct, vessels of moderate draft should approach with the main viaduct jetty head
FL (4) 10s bearing more than 105° True. The main viaduct consists of pipelines supported by reinforced
concrete piling and extends in a WSW direction 6,190’ from shore to the jetty head, latitude 10° 18.8’
North and 61° 28.8’West.

Prohibited Anchorage

  • Within a quarter mile on either side of the submarine pipeline which runs from position 10° 20.4’ North and 61° 31.6 West to location 10° 19.69 North and 61° 29.32 West.
  • Within a quarter mile extending south of the structure in location 10° 19.69 North, 61° 29.32 West and Number 5 Berth.
  • Within a quarter mile on either side of the pipelines from Number 5 Berth to a position on the pipeline viaduct 10° 19.05’ North, 61° 28.27 West.

Fishing or Fishing Vessels
No fishing or unauthorised activities are allowed within 100 metres of the port infrastructure.