It is with a deep sense of sadness that we confirm that the body of Rishi Nagassar, the fourth diver
involved last Friday’s (February 25, 2022) work-related incident at Pointe-a-Pierre was recovered
today (March 03, 2022) at 12.36 am.

Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited (Paria) has advised the family and extended condolences on
behalf of management and staff. The Company has offered counselling support to the families and
loved ones of the four divers who were involved in the incident.
The recovery operation had to be conducted with extreme care given the fact that the bodies were
lodged behind diving equipment in a 30-inch pipeline, 60ft below the surface and more than 100ft
along the seabed.

On Friday, five LMCS divers were conducting underwater maintenance on the pipeline located at
no. 36 Sealine riser on Berth no. 6 at the Paria facility. They were in an LMCS hyperbaric chamber
when an incident occurred. One diver was able to make his way out of the chamber and has since
been hospitalized.

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries has announced plans to initiate an independent
investigation to determine the root cause of the incident and to make appropriate

This has been a profound loss for the families, their employer LMCS, and the entire country.
Paria thanks the emergency response team, the Paria Incident Management Team (IMT) and the
external agencies who provided unwavering support during this difficult period.