Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited (Paria) wishes to reassure the public that the Company remains well-resourced to provide the country and its customers in the region with a safe and reliable supply of fuel. This assurance is supported by having healthy inventories and contingencies in its supply chain.

As COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) became prevalent in December 2019, Paria’s Management team proactively developed a Business Continuity Pandemic Plan that focuses on three priorities:

  • Priority #1 – Safety of our employees
  • Priority #2 – Continued supply of fuel and products to the nation
  • Priority #3 – Sustainability of the business and its operations

The Terminal Operations Team continues to liaise with the Port Health Officer on established guidelines on handling of vessels visiting the port to ensure the safety of our employees. All fuel inventories are continuously monitored, and daily discussions are conducted with our suppliers who have reassured the Company that cargoes are available. Arrangements are confirmed for 5 cargoes to be discharged before the end of month.

Product GradeVolume Barrels as of 12 March, 2020Volume Barrels to receive by end March 2020Arrival Date of cargos with products
Super Gasoline202,000196,000
15 March 2020
25 March 2020
Premium Gasoline245,000200,00018 March 2020
Diesel/Gasoil237,000230,00016 March 2020
Jet240,000200,00024 March 2020

The table highlights the Inventory of Products and the expected Volume in Barrels to be
received before end March 2020.

A further 7 to 10 cargoes will be finalized next week to meet April and May demand. Paria remains focused on its business operations, committed to personal safety, asset security and providing the country and the regional markets with a safe and secure supply of refined fuel.