The government assigned a Working Team to interface with representatives of Patriotic Energies & Technologies Co. Ltd. (“Patriotic”) led by their Chairman, Mr. Okera Thompson on their request for information to facilitate the development of a road map for the completion of the acquisition. The Working Team comprises members of Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited (“Paria”), the Guaracara Refining Company Limited (“Guaracara”) and technical subject matter experts led by Paria and Guaracara’s Chairman, Newman George.

The parties had a productive meeting (Wednesday February 19, 2020) to establish a schedule for the inspection of the assets and to provide an update on responses to Patriotic’s Data Request List of questions.

As the process continues, Paria remains focused on its business operations, committed to personal safety, asset security and providing the country and the regional markets with a safe and secure supply of refined fuel.